Night Ruiner's Server is currently running:

Forge 1.8 with Gliby's Voice Chat

Server IP:

Night Ruiner's Minecraft server is a whitelist server run for followers of

To Access:

Get Forge 1.8:

Forge Download


Installation Instructions:

Download the Forge 1.8 installer win (recommended version) and also the 1.8 Gliby's Voice Chat .jar file.
Run the Forge 1.8 installer win on your PC.
Now, go to your start menu and type into the field %appdata%. Go to the Roaming >.minecraft >mods Folder and drop the Gliby's voice chat .jar file into the mods folder.
Launch Minecraft and select the Forge profile in the lower left. Connect to server IP :-)

All Server Mods

- Forge Essentials
- Land Defender
- Gliby's Voice Chat

Player Commands

/claim - Claims the chunk you are standing in
/unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are in, if you are the owner
/share - Shares the land you have claimed with another player
/unshare - Removes a shared player from the chunk you are standing in
/unshare all - Removes all shared players from the chunk you are in
/listchunks - Lists the chunk coordinates for all chunks that you own
/listchunks Admin command to display a player's chunk
/chunkinfo - Displays information on the chunk you are in, including the owner and any shared players
/tpchunk - Teleport to a chunk if you own it, or any chunk if you are an admin

Player Customized Protection Commands

/deny Possible blocks to customize: chests, doors, furnaces, brewingstands, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, jukeboxes, signs, gates, enchantingtables, anvils, banners, beds, trapdoors, buttons, levers, beacons

Doors, trapdoors, buttons, levers, and enchantingtables are allowed by default; All others are denied by default. Defaults may be configurable in the future.